The Enchanted Empire Corporation Pty Ltd is a publishing company in South East Melbourne. Natalie Batten founded the company in 2011.

One of the main projects is called Enchanted Black Bird Collection. With this project we’re hoping to partner with different mental health organisations across Australia, maybe even internationally. We want to focus on depression and anxiety, but might be open to add other mental illnesses over the future. The Enchanted Black Bird Collection will be a self help collection, written in poem form.

Another project at the moment bears the name The Flower Squirrels. This will be a collection for our littlest friends, children. At the moment, this project is at concept stage but we are aiming for the end of this year to be able to publish.

If you’re interested in our projects, make sure you’re following us also on Instagram (@theEnchantedEmpire), Twitter (@TheEnchEmpire) and Pinterest (@TheEnchEmpire)

For enquiries, questions and any kinds of requests, please contact us at any time. We try to get back to you within 3 business days!