Our Enchanted Characters

Meet our lead characters:
Ferny, Violet, Chester & Furball

A little sneak peak at our up and coming characters
(Above picture characters marketed to older children /adults)

Flower Squirrel Township

Among the Enchanted Empire World, a special township called Floral Town. Where thousands of non-magical shy creatures exists. These creatures are called Flower Squirrels.

Non-magical creatures and easy to identify with, the Flower Squirrel Township has been created for the younger picture book market.

Flowered Squirrels are families of dedicated merchants and servants to the Royal Enchanted Empire. They are Citizens of Enchanted Dimension and answer directly to King Suma The Flower Squirrel King.

The Flower Squirrels are the peasant workers of the lands, happy and always glad to assist others. They posses no magical powers, but extremely skilled in many crafts and farming abilities providing workmanship and supplies that contribute to the survival of all the realms all over. Therefore they are classed as the ‘workers of the lands’.

They are the largest population of existing species that live within the Enchanted World, the quantity of species is necessary to maintain the high demands of supply volumes required.

Please meet our main Flower Squirrel characters: Ferny & Violet

Our head characters from Floral Town. Aimed for the younger children and big kids at heart.

(The Flower Squirrel aged market is aimed at 3yrs to 8yrs)

If you want to find out more about the Flower Squirrels, make sure you check out our website!

Our Enchanted Animal Advocacy

Allow me to introduce: Chester & Furball.

Two little rascals always getting up to mischief.

(Market aimed for all ages)

Chester likes to try new things and usually gets into trouble. Furball often has to help get Chester out of sticky situations he has placed himself in. However Furball tends to have her own agenda for helping.

Throughout numerous tales and comics, Chester and Furball seem to share a love-hate relationship, as they embark on numerous adventures together, helping many animal rescue organisations by sharing their related tales to their causes.

Our background creatures you can expect to hear about

We have numerous other background characters created within our young adult fantasy series.

Varying township populations use separate living habitats providing the reader a broader story line. Introducing and re-introducing familiar characters creates a combination of hundreds of strong background heroes and villains. Supplying a vast variety of characters permits the reader opportunities to identify with one or more of these creatures.

General colonies of inhabitants existing on the magical planet include White Moon Empress, Dream Muse, Dark Moon Emperor, Master Illusionist, Deadly Ghost Riders, Dream Catchers, Wish Granters, Wizards, Witches, Ghosts, Magicians, Pirates, Fairies, Dwarfs, Nymphs, Pixies, Leprechauns, Elves, Gnomes, Goblins, Pygmies, Eskimos, Mermaids, Musical Sea Inhabitants, Dimension Aliens and Flower Squirrel Servant Colonies and many other amazing characters.

As you can expect, such diverse characters require numerous places to live, and to be just as intriguing as the inhabitants themselves… hence we have invented our unique ten dimensions and seven realms; creating our Enchanted World.


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