Home Of Imagination

Welcome to our Enchanted Blog Site!

If you have been looking for that
ultimate FANTASY site to ignite your imagination – we have arrived!

Our Aim

To excite imagination within the young and young of heart, inspiring their talents and ambitions by utilizing motivational fiction entertainment.

Helping you tap into your inner child and providing wholesome, spectacular, and memorable fantasy to children and providing a place of comfort, excitement, and inspiration.

Who are we?

We are The Enchanted Empire Corporation Pty Ltd and produce children and young adult fantasy and composed in various chronicle and series collections. In addition, we produce humorous educational animal advocacy stories and educational activity books.

From the place most people yearn to visit is their childhood, therefore seemed logical to share this mystical place capturing every child’s fantasy within boundless spectrum, while encouraging adults to revisit their childhood. We highlight imagination to a new level; combining well known wives tales, with the supernatural and enchanted characters. Also delivering humorous twists to enthrall and amuse current generations, and harmoniously compliment present cultures.

We, The Enchanted Empire, hope to open minds by allowing the reader to experience the ultimate treasure of their childhood – Imagination.

What you can expect.

Lots of variety! We have numerous entertaining article posts planned to entertain you in the works…

  • Enchanting News
    • Updates on the Fantasy publication industry
    • Tips for young mums
    • Inspiring Artist Interviews and much more…
  • The Flower Squirrels
    • Character Travel Posts
    • The Flower Squirrel Magazine front covers
  • Printable Gifts
    • Many free downloadable fantasy and animal picture activities to download.
    • Therapeutic Black Bird adult coloring page downloads to come.
  • Dark Fantasy
    • The odd thriller fantasy short story to keep you on your toes.
  • Black Bird
    • Chapter blogs from our Black Bird book.
    • Inspirational articles to help de-stress and relax
    • Motivational articles to help through dealing with anxiety and sadness
  • Enchanted Dimension
    • Sneak peak – diary entries from our time travelling characters and much more.
  • Enchanted Animal Advocacy 
    • ‘The Pooch Paper Comic regular posts.
      Specifically designs for this site to entertain all those with fur babies looking for a regular laugh.
    • Numerous pet tips

And much more…

Therefore if you are looking for a fun and exciting blog site, filled with lots of variety on fantasy, pets, kids and motivational tips for dealing with stress, then why not follow us today for your weekly fill of imagination. 

For upcoming sneak peek on our main characters watch this space.

Thank you for visiting!



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